PHudBase: Socket servin' goodness in PHP

What is PHudBase?

PHudBase is a codebase, written in PHP, designed to support MUD-style games with socket-based, real-time communication across any protocol, including HTML5 WebSockets for no plugin browser-based clients.

If you're looking for a client you can integrate with your MUD in a spectacularly no-hassle fashion, see PHudBase-WebMud.


PHudBase is a library divided into two parts: the "server" (backend) and "client" (the client is really just a demonstration of the WebSocket features).

The server is run as a daemon on the Linux-based server. It sets up one or more socket servers that will wait for clients to connect and start playing, chatting, or whatever else your application does. It's also very "extendable" (a GameServer example is included), allowing your server to parse client inputs directly, create custom connection and communication protocols, etc.

Also included is the Game class, useful as a starting point for building your own MUD-style game, and a few sample object implementations (Character and Room) and actions (look, say, and movement commands).

PHudBase does not ship with any kind of database implementation, so you're free to implement MySQL, flat files, or any other storage mechanism supported by PHP.

So how do I try it?

Guess I'll have to make that button brighter....

Click here to try the demo for PHudBase (a very simple game implementation called, well, Phud).

The PHudBase client (including the demo here) requires the latest version of Google Chrome to function.

I'll have a demo (still plugin free!) up that uses Orbited (comet) before too long for non-Chromers.

If you can't or won't get Chrome, you can always telnet over to, port 12345.

Or just get Chrome. Seriously. The client's pretty awesome.

Okay, I wanna build a [something awesome].

The code has been released as 100% open source, and you're free to modify, destroy, improve upon, sell, or otherwise use what I've built in whatever way you see fit.

That said, if you find my work useful and end up using it in a publicly released fashion, be kind and respect my hard work -- attribute. Really. I've got about two years of developing, revising, erasing, losing backups, fixing, and preparation that led to what you're going to be building your project on -- don't claim it as your own, eh?

A mention somewhere in the credits would be fine, but a linkback or (soon-to-be-created) "Powered by" image on your website would be absolutely awesome.

The codebase is currently maintained over at Google Code.

So download it, make it your own, and let me know when you have something online so I can showcase it. Good luck!

It broke.

First stop would be the Google Group for just this purpose. I'll be around and, I hope, so will other successful PHudBase developers.

If noone, including me, will answer your call for help, shoot me an email directly at jfitzdela (@) and I'll do my best to get back to you.

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