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Welcome to the PHudBase Client Demo!

Click the "help" link in the upper right for a few of the commands available.

If the box in the lower right is bright red, it means you've disconnected or the server's down. If you didn't quit on purpose, take a breather -- the server will be back up within the minute unless something is catastrophically wrong, and then I'll get to it as quick as I can....



About PHudBase

PHudBase is a PHP-based, plugin-free socket-serving powerhouse.

PHudBase was built over a period of a couple of years, stemming from my desire to test the limits of PHP and build a true MUD-style game that's played in the browser with all the web's goodness (and all of Telnet's, too).

PHudBase accepts telnet and WebSocket connections by default, handling either gracefully, and can also serve Flash clients with the addition of a cross-domain policy server. It's also fairly trivial (on the PHudBase end) to configure the client and server for use with Orbited or other comet-based transport libraries.

The bottom line is that PHudBase provides a nearly-naked, PHP codebase on which you can build anything from a traditional telnet MUD to a web chat to a fully-graphical game experience or anything else you can think of that requires real-time, two-way communication.

Type the following commands to play Phud:

say [message]: Speak to those in the room
look: Take a look around
nw|n|ne|e|se|s|sw|w: Move in the direction specified
quit: Disconnect from Phud